воскресенье, 24 августа 2008 г.

Opinions of experts

Dear Mr. Yagodin, Thank you for the information regarding to your method of earthquakes prediction, based on the observations of animals behavior, and regarding to the device, which allows to leverage a new kind of "field" related to the early earthquakes signs. The samples of your predictions looks interesting and credible, especially because abnormal behavior of some kind of animals before the earthquakes is well known for a long time. I am personally familiar with some eye-witnesses of this phenomenon..
By the way, Chinese seismologists decided to announce a prediction of the Hanchen earthquake in 1975 only when in addition to the other signs they determined an abnormal behavior of certain animals. Unfortunately in Russia and in many other countries there are no special programs to research animals behavior, this important problem is not included into the national programs for earthquakes predictions.
As a chief of of Russian Earthquakes Prediction Center Committee I will present your work on our next meeting, based on the brief information you’ve provided to me during the past two months. Of course for us it would be very interesting to learn more about your method and the results. I think you would be interested in the opinion of our experts as well.
I understand that this is just a beginning of your research. As an editor of the scientific magazine "Science and Technology" I am ready to help you with the publication of your article. The magazine publishes the articles from the different scientific areas, something like a "Nature" magazine but less known.
I definitely support your research and will report my positive opinion to the director of VNIIGO Mr. Kudrin and will discuss with him the idea of our joint partnership. I hope Israeli geophysics will support you.
Best wishes, A.V. Nikolaev Professor in Geophysics.

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